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File:Shrine of St. Patrick's Bell.png|thumb|Saint Patrick's Shrine, held by the National Museum of Ireland, drawn by Margaret Stokes. '''Margaret McNair Stokes''' (March 1832 – 20 September 1900) was an Ireland|Irish antiquarian noted for her illustrations. Born in Dublin, she was the daughter of Dr William Stokes (physician)|William Stokes and his wife Mary (née Black). One brother, Whitley Stokes (scholar)|Whitley Stokes, was a leading Celtic languages|Celticist, a second, Sir William Stokes (surgeon)|William, followed their father into medicine and was a leading surgeon. Important figures in the field of antiquities such as artist Sir George Petrie (artist)|George Petrie, lawyer and poet Sir Samuel Ferguson, Edwin Wyndham-Quin, 3rd Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl, and historians James Henthorn Todd and William Reeves (bishop)|William Reeves were frequent visitors to the Stokes...
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